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One who does a teacher, specifically a high school teaher, and the result is a contraction of Herpes or HIV.
"Dude, when did Kendall get Herpes?"
"You didn't know? She's had them forever, she's such a Vogler"
#vogler #baller #disease #hiv #herpes
by Powchickapowpow January 07, 2010
a moravian, one who loves moravia
Vogler is the greatest kid in the world
by Bill December 27, 2004
Way to go, Vogler. What? You gonna write a song about it?
by TEH WINNAR SI ME July 26, 2004
An idiot. A complete moron.
That guy is a vogler
#idiot #moron #retard #dolt #retarded
by mr charlie murphy July 20, 2006
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