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Vodka Vag is the term given to a woman who has a dry pussy due to drinking too many dry vodka martini's.
I tried to get with that drunk chick last night, but she had a bad case of "Vodka Vag"!
#pussy #vagina #drunk #vodka #martini
by jspoke73 February 27, 2011
The female version of whiskey dick: when a woman can't reach an orgasm because she's to drunk
Guy 1: did u hear what happen to Samantha after her drunken fiasco?
Guy 2: no what happen?
Guy 1: she was having sex with her boyfriend and he ass going to town on that ass but she couldn't come?
Guy 2: ah she must have had vodka vag!
#whiskeydick #hardtoblowaload #toomuchjerkoffantis #whiskeydan #pussy #drunk #vodka
by munkz1er November 01, 2013
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