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Vodka Vag is the term given to a woman who has a dry pussy due to drinking too many dry vodka martini's.
I tried to get with that drunk chick last night, but she had a bad case of "Vodka Vag"!
by jspoke73 February 27, 2011
Passing Ass is when someone FARTS!
Hey buddy, is that you Passing Ass over there!?
by jspoke73 February 27, 2011
When a guy gets kicked, hit, or otherwise sustains pain to the groin area.
Sally kicked Jimmy in the balls. "That was a sack rack".
by jspoke73 February 27, 2011
When you receive pain to your balls, or groin area it's called a "Testi Scraper".

testi scraper
The skater fell off the rail slide and straddled the rail. "That was a real Testi Scraper!"
by jspoke73 February 27, 2011
A term used for an idea that SOMEONE ELSE thinks is spectacular, or a really good idea, but is actually really lame and foolish by most peoples standards.
Johnny thought he would go rob the police station at gun point to get some lunch money. That idea is absolutely POOPINDOOPULAR!
by jspoke73 February 27, 2011
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