Vo is used as a shortening of the word 'obviously', simply because it is too long a word. Although it may sound odd when speaking with someone, it is surprisingly useful for people who are extremely lazy/have learning difficulties.
Person 1: Would you like a skittle?

Person 2: Well vo.
by Jon Miesner October 24, 2006
An abbreviation for Vulgar/Obscene.
This CD's got some VO lyrics, so we can't play it on air.
by dessgeega January 23, 2010
Vo is another term for extreme anger. Anger in which you cant control and you will pop like a mutherfcukin balloon.
person 1: im soooo mad right now its not even funny...
person 2: you shouldnt be mad johnny, its not good for you if your TOO angry
person 1: man dont tell me whats good for me or not
person 2: fine forget you
person 1: i cant keep beleiving and im sick of all the lies and your to late, so dont cry to me..im sooo Vo'd
by ranold September 24, 2006
to screw something up beyond repair
by Robzilla July 31, 2003
When you are having sex with a girl and you cum in your bellybutton, then you make her eat it out. bellybutton, eat, sex
"I was with Carly and she made me pull out so i Vo'd her good"
by Kendra_Lee March 02, 2007
A Vo is a nocturnal emo person that may or may not be cutting themself at this very moment. Likes Myspace and hates minorities.
Man 1: Hey, check out that Vo over there!
Man 2: Dude that's not a Vo, it's 11:30 in the morning.
Man 1: My bad.
Man 2: You're so goddamn stupid!
Man 1: Look it's not my fault, my parents tried to suffocate me with a pillow.
Man 2: God, here you go, bringing the pillow into it again. Let it GO!
Man 1: That's what dad said as he was trying to suffocate me!
Man 2: Oh man, let's go, Vo's coming.
Man 1: That's gross.
by Harold Hustaffsvenson June 18, 2006
#1: A very stupid warez channel on irc efnet that mostly consist of way too much drama, and assholes. It's daily logs consist of robzilla telling althor to shut the fuck up and midi fighting with ex-girlfriends.

#2: VO A Whore That Uses Dial UP!
#1: /join #vo_uses_dialup

#2: VO is a AOL using whore!
by MiDi December 09, 2003

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