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(noun) A game in which there are Brynn, Karen, and Angela characters. There must be a ball, a sacrifice, and couches available. The point of the game is to hit the ball as weirdly as you can. Angela's position is to "kill Brynn." Karen? She mostly keeps the game going. And Brynn does the sacrificial business. When the ball falls onto the couch, this is called a "Couch Ball," in which you must jump and throw the ball under your legs and make native callings upon the heaven.
Angela: Kill Brynn!!!
Karen: Baka baka.
Brynn: Couch Ball. *jump*
Angela: Hmm..
Karen: sldafjlsjdfl
by Angela March 06, 2005
A expert sex god to women.
Vlar is a sex god to women.
by John Drummond November 23, 2004