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Vivianne is a perfect little human being, she's is beautiful and everyone should obey her. She is just so amazing and fabulous so is Tanya. She's a loveable little cuite.
Tina: do you know vivianne
by unicornslala345 June 03, 2013
Latin.. LIVELY, MERRY.. JOYOUS SPIRIT.. psalm 37:4 Delight theyself also in the Lord; and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart..
by 1Ladybird February 04, 2010
This Vivianne, is the most precious little thing a mother could ever hold. She brings me such happiness that it must be told. Her eyes are the brightest blue, her smile as bright as the sun. I love this little angel and that will NEVER be undone!!

I love you my precious little girl!!
"Vivianne is as sweet as honey"
by Momma Liz February 04, 2010