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1: (int) A phrase in Latin, meaning "Live the Bohemian Life."
- Note: A common misconception is that "Viva La Vie Boheme" means "Long Live Bohemia." This is a misconception.
Ensemble: "Viva La Vie Boheme"
-Excerpt from RENT, the musical
by Timothy, Associated Word Expert November 30, 2005
(also known as vive la vie bohéme) living the bohemian lifestyle. the lifestyle of appreciating, living for, defending art in all forms. embracing individuality and encouraging equality.
yeah, dude. i'm just viva la vie bohéme!
by easybg April 26, 2015
a cry of Bohemians in the Musical "Rent" meaning "Long Live Bohemia"
by Renthead July 19, 2005
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