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Generally a very frugal and cheap person and also when talking to others maybe associated as a Jew
Hey man did u see how cheap Vito is

He was selling coupons he got for free
by Thamien February 22, 2013
6 17
Vito, is an italion name assosiated with power. In an italion family this name is usually given to the first born grandson son of a Don.
Much Respect, Don Vito.
by Tom Corleone February 11, 2004
233 75
The boy's name Vito \v(i)-to\ is pronounced VEE-toh. It is of Latin origin, and its meaning is "life-giving". Mostly Italian use. Saint Vitus was an early martyr who supposedly could cure epilepsy and a disorder known as "Saint Vitus' dance". See also Vidal. Vito can mean 'the happy life'.
That guys name is Vito
by VivaLaVito January 28, 2009
119 36
is generally a great name to give your first grandson if your family is from a long line of hustlers. he is gifted in all he does and tends to draw much attention to any situation he is involved in.

Vito's can be very transparent from group to group using little resources to stay alive and on top of the 'Social Ladder'.

Girls often can't handle the ethics of the Vito species and tend to write up fake dictionary meanings of the name attempting to derive from the power of the actual being.
Shit bro, that dude 'vito' is SEAMLESS!
by skumdogmillionaire91 July 07, 2011
43 23
Some one who steals your girl. so for an example X had a girlfriend called Y but A takes Y from X. this procedure is called vitoing
dude, im going to vito you
by hahamuahah October 17, 2010
55 42
a crossdressing wrestler that used to compete in WWE and TNA and secretly likes the cock
Man Vito is so gay wrestling in a dress
by bloobitybloop March 21, 2012
21 20
massive cockblocker
fat italiono homo
See that fat aids patient? hes such a vito!
by anonnnnn3 July 02, 2011
27 34
A Vito is a parasite that invades your life circle and sucks the energy from it and continues to drain that energy until there is none left, leaving you only with the element of hatred. A Vito is a tick that drains you dry and like a tick, a Vito doesn't care that it drains your energy, it's just after what's going to benefit itself with no care in it's mind how it's affecting the person(s) that it's sucking the blood from.
Awww man, Vito is here again... when is my dad gonna tell that bastard that he isn't welcome here?!
by Randerith March 21, 2011
19 29