vito is a word that can be used at any time,anywhere,or at any place. It can even be used miscellaniously out of nowhere. It could be calling someone gay, it could be yelling at the top of your lungs, or simply just to say outta nowhere and get attention. It is also the mateing cry
given by frogs, laviathans, goats, and also orcs. Vito can also be a person to fear in high school with a leather jacket and supposedly carries a glock 18 in his pocket. So many ways, so little time.
(sitting in class)
Jason: O Vitoooo!!!
James:what the hell was that?
Deigo:dude he was vitoing. Duh.
James:u always have an exuse yego.
by KLU KLU September 19, 2007
vito is a kid who studders alot and thinks hes pretty tough.
he makes weird noises all the time.
and like to ride his bike in puddles.
he has no life and works alot.
he likes to pretend he sees ghosts.
and he goes to bed at 9.
oh look theres vito.
wow tough guy.
by toughhh guyyy June 22, 2009
Pointy shoe wearing scouse git
This donk is a right Vito
by Daft Lad November 10, 2003
Vito is someone who is a closet homosexual. This person is gay and loves to suck cock. Just like Vito from the Sopranos.
1. Man Dennis your acting very Vito.

2. He is as gay as Vito
by Method Cal April 22, 2006
Anyone who is a constant Deuchebag. Usually to women and minorities... and in general...
Wow, Quit picking on those latino women... your being a Vito.
by Achmed Allah G!had May 15, 2008
a sad little pathetic fool, who has a really small penis. he wears crappy hats all the time and has a bad taste in clothing. pretty stupid actually...he repel's women.
1. Vito is so fucking retarded
2. That guy is almost as bad as a Vito
3. Hey, I did Vito's Mom last night
4. Vito's bedtime is 7:00pm and he's 15!
5. Vito will never get laid
by Mrs. Perri April 30, 2005
The closest thing to homosexual you can get
this kid wants to rape any guy prettymuch
he prettymuch is a male shovenistic pig who is a complete jerk to all he encounters and he is still gay about everything
Vito wants to pack your Virgin ass
Vito is a faggot
by Sangreal October 12, 2006

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