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Used when speaking about receiving Christ or when referring to Jesus.
"I gotta go to church Sunday and get that Vitamin J son!"
by Adam Dizzle White April 30, 2008
A rare kind of vitamin you get from goat's milk
I had a bottle of vitamin j,today
by Dr.sindrome October 11, 2012
Slang term for male semen. Generally used by females to describe the events that transpired a previous evening.
I can't get enough of his vitamin J!

A high protein milkshake consisting of vitamin J.
by Pierre June 29, 2004

1. Jagermeister, Jager, easy slang spelling for Jägermeister

2. Infrequently used term for jism, jizz
1. Jägermeister is not a word everybody likes to spell, so some just call it Vitamin J.

2. I've never heard anybody call jism Vitamin J
by His Equestrian Majesty August 16, 2006
a female name that begins with a 'J' and the correlation to sexual activity.
"I haven't seen Julie in days, I need my Vitamin J" says Max.
by Jurie September 14, 2007
Junk food.

I originally heard this term in reference to a candy cane and thought the term referred to the J shape of the cane.
As the boy dumped out his Christmas stocking, he crowed "Oh, boy -- Vitamin J!"
by Sylvia's Daddy December 26, 2007
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