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Vitali is a Russian name.
1) Ok, for lame or retarded people I'll spell it:
That's V for Victor, I for India, T for Tom, A for alpha, L for limo, I for India. V-I-T-A-L-I, Vitali.

2) Perverts envy Vitali. Please ignore these losers.

by ihadalistoffive January 25, 2009
A Vitali is a slang expression that can imply a number of characteristics correlated to an internet personality originally named v1tal1. This legendary poster earned serious e-cred on the sherdog BBS as well as many other notable BBS. Someone called a Vitali is one or more of the following:

1. Excessively Emo (gay-esque, but w/o teh bumsechs)
2. Excessively Brilliant
3. Someone who pretends to be a woman to pwn gnoobs and reinforce the concept of "there are no weemuns on the intraweb".
4. A gimmick loving newb gnutthugger that aspires to be like the original v1tal1.
5. A suspected alter-ego of the real v1tal1

XPosterX--This cat just pwned every knewb on the board
YPosterY--Ya, he's a Vitali
by Wamrage January 04, 2007
A Vitali is an ex boyfriend of a greek godess named Anika she was one on the most beautiful godesses in all of Greece. She still lives. (Look up Anika)
One day vitali saw a pretty black girl and asked her for her email she gave it to him and he was very happy so they talked and then she said to him; "Wat r u tryna say u stupid w*i*e boy?"
by Anika Paul June 17, 2004
ugly unwanted person. Not wanted for anything. Someone you try to get away from.
vitali is ugly uwanted mother fucker. Him and his meaningless life.
by ksnf January 03, 2008
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