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Shiny tank driving, gay looking male with effeminate voice
Hubert Gruber
by Louise January 06, 2004

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Visker - a kid who looks like Jesus, or the supposed vision of Jesus. Also noted to drive a Saab, plays the trumpet, and tries to play Counter-Strike.
nfx > visker
by nfx December 05, 2003
An online gaming myth
Imagined as a small fury/spikey animal that breeds a lot and bites/acts agressively
Thought to be between the size of a rat and a porcuepine
Very dangerous to play against
Like i said myth
to discribe a person
ie she/he`s a visker
by E Bob January 06, 2004
I do not play the trumpet, I play the saxaphone. Brokaw plays the trumpet.
while(nfx > visker){
nfxIsWrong == "visker";
System.out.println(nfxIsWrong+" is greater than nfx.");
by Visker December 06, 2003
This is Me. I am Me. I am not nfx. I am Visker.
I am Visker
by Visker December 04, 2003