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A cool ninja, who you can't see at night or day. has very special powers, and crushes on his own twin. Has acted in Hansel and gretel. Loves to say white face white face. Also known as VMONEY. Is also a part of the famous group calles pussay patrol.
when flash runs he is vishaal.
everything gets vishaal when lights go off.
by Saynomore Getonthefloor May 23, 2013
Cynical sad dude who complains of no GF while is proud to be unclean and posts it while he is sad. Often untidy and illiterate trying to be better than his Vishal variant but is angry he fails. Claims to be smart but fails at spelling and english often seen as a gaiafag. Cynical about life and others and even his self. Divulges into soft core metal and wishes to be born into another age. Angry about himself and the world and gives up and rage quits anything that is hard. Often wears black and is poor and unclean. Often confused with a girl or a fag
Person1: Who is that sad dark guy in the corner there?
Person2: That is a Vishaal.
by dysynchronisity April 07, 2013
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