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First time smoker, when they inhale for the first time, they cough up all the smoke.
Here take a hit of this... COUGH UHHUGH... ah, virgin lungs!
by spencer miller March 08, 2005
82 16
A first time smoker of the ordinary variety or ganja smoke.
Alonzo Harris (Training Day ) " Ha ha ha, virgin lungs .. man the fuck up, yeah, finish that shit, ha ha !"
by Alonzo Glasgow March 24, 2009
22 8
Someone who's never smoked anything in their entire life, not even cigarettes.
Guy1: *Smokin'pot* "Want a hit, yo?"

Guy2: "Uh, sure." *Takes a hit*


Guy1: "Hahaha, Virgin Lung!"
by Jüdenhasser October 03, 2010
4 0