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First time smoker, when they inhale for the first time, they cough up all the smoke.
Here take a hit of this... COUGH UHHUGH... ah, virgin lungs!
by spencer miller March 08, 2005
A first time smoker of the ordinary variety or ganja smoke.
Alonzo Harris (Training Day ) " Ha ha ha, virgin lungs .. man the fuck up, yeah, finish that shit, ha ha !"
by Alonzo Glasgow March 24, 2009
Someone who's never smoked anything in their entire life, not even cigarettes.
Guy1: *Smokin'pot* "Want a hit, yo?"

Guy2: "Uh, sure." *Takes a hit*


Guy1: "Hahaha, Virgin Lung!"
by Jüdenhasser October 03, 2010
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