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An honest girl who won't say things you want to hear. Most of the time, she'll piss you off with her flat statements and her embarrassing remarks. But now and then she'll say something so special it will make you feel like the king of the world. She is also extremely attractive, yet approachable. She doesn't feel the need to dress like provocatively, she knows she's hot already.
Guy #1: That girl over there just called me a dumbass.
Guy #2: Wow, She's totally a Viona..Super Hot and she's probably right.
Guy #1: .. I think I'm in love.
by matthew16 April 29, 2013
Derived from English/Dutch; a canny, insidious female who has the innate ability to disguise her narcissism in an attractively charming and delightful way. Her seductive nature is really a facade for her true malevolence. She has a very creative soul.
Dude, be careful that she doesn't pull a Viona on you.

I married her and didn't realize she was a Viona at heart.

Have you ever been tricked by a Viona?
by Lanny Sohon April 22, 2011

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