Superior musician who plays the viola and as legend has it, the leader(s) of future society despite the current lack of respect.
EX. 1
Violinist: Violins are teh BEST.
Violist: No...Violists are, as proven by the sexy tone quality and large badonkadonk on the instrument.

EX. 2
ME (violist): Violists will one day rule the world.
Anonymous violin student:
Anonymous orchestra teacher: Actually, he's right.
by aRMDviolist47 July 28, 2008
1. One who plays the viola, a bowed string instrument with a tuning the same as that of a violin, but with a low C-string as opposed to a high E-string.
Syn.: Viola player
Ant.: Musician
1. When somebody walks into a bank with a violin case, everybody's afraid they'll pull out a gun. When somebody walks into a bank with a viola case, everyone's afraid they'll pull out a viola.

2. Him? He's not a musician, he's a violist.
by Ebolamunkee October 09, 2006
A bad second violinist
That violist felt bad sucking at the violin, so he switched to viola and suddenly became widely acclaimed.
by John P June 19, 2006

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