A superstar 4 sure! greatest athlete ever known to have a 55 inch plus vertical leap hes a freak of nature just like jordan hes going bald at an early age lol

vince had a great year with new jersy averaging about 27ppg he started 2004-05 season with toranto where he was averaging 14ppg he demanded a trade and showed us all what a telent he is on the right team
Man you can jump like vince carter your only 5-8 ! and dunking like that ?
by JENNY JAMES September 27, 2005
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HIGH flying hero on offence. worthless bum lazy bum on d.
vince cater is good on offence yet blows on d.
carter use to be my favorite player but then he got cocky.
by jeff mitchell August 02, 2003
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Jeffery: Hey, who's the oldest player in the NBA right now?
Matt: Vince Carter.
by Kanine Kaz November 20, 2016
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