Villanova is an elite Augustinian University located in suburban Philadelphia. The school combines rigorous academics, a liberal education, and caring, high quality faculty to provide a top notch education. Extracurricular attributes include a GORGEOUS, high-achieving and well adjusted student body, a close-knit, open-minded community, greek life and strong support for public service and athletics. The best known teams are the basketball and track teams. Schools within Villanova University include the liberal arts school, Villanova School of Business, College of Nursing, College of Engineering and School of Law.
"I'm going to Villanova so I an work on Wall Street."
by Wildcat Forever April 24, 2010
Top Definition
Villanova or "nova" is pride. Nova is tradition. It's thee school. Home of the wildcats. Villanova is the school you grew watching, For me i saw kyle lowry weav his way to the basket and randy foye and allen ray light up the score board for beyond the arc and mike nardi dishing out assist after assist. And will "bump" Sheridan shoot ing his baseline jumbers and curtis sumpter wether beyond the arc or down low in the paint. It's Pure ammazment of what the could do with the basketball. And Jay wright wat a coach can't ask for a better one. what he has done with this university is amazing. Villanova is thee only school.
No school is better then Villanova.
by bhowley August 29, 2006
1. noun.

The college you wish you were at.

The most spirited academic institution in America.

A place where catholic values and education par to that at ivy institutions meet.

Pride. Home of the wildcats, one of THE best basketball teams in the country.

2. adj.

Hot, well-dressed,intelligent basketball fanatic.
Villanova is pennsylvania's best college

You are such a Villanovan.
by Talujapi October 02, 2007
This is the University for the academic and god forbid...the good looking too. However, I am not an undergraduate and I do have a brain, this school far surpasses many in the commonwealth of Pennsylvania in not only academics but also in school pride, programs and athletics.
As a grad student at Villanova who did not attend the school as a undergrad I cannot attest to the biased comments of others but, be assured that the Graduate Programs are far from the "grandfather clause," as aforementioned critiques have alluded to.
by VU Grad Gal October 07, 2008
most bad ass village in Norfolk County, Ontario. Pretty much has its only militia equipped with enough guns, ammo and beer to fight off the Canadian army. Residents usually spend past times shooting things, drinking and quading/snowmobiling. Very friendly people though.
Residents known as Villa Fucking Novians
dude you better not mess with villa nova, they will fuck you up
by 1stLt. February 04, 2011
1. noun: Villanova University, a Catholic school in Delaware County Pennsylvania; the town of Villanova, PA.

2. verb: "To villanova," to take a large advantage for granted, thus directly causing a loss of said advantage.
1. I go to Villanova, Core Humanities is weak.

2. My favorite team is up by twelve points, I just hope they don't villanova the second half.
by andrew March 31, 2005
School for snobby rich white kids who suck.
Jerry drives his BMW to St. Joe's with his collar popped, shedding a tear wishing he went to Villanova, even though its a school for faggots.
by Jerry MC March 30, 2008

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