An Asian ethnic group frequently stereotyped by many other East Asians (mostly Chinese) as being criminals, gang members, and/or under achievers.
Most of the housing projects in my neighborhood are full of unemployed Vietnamese.
by Akira Kun January 24, 2008
A person from Viet Nam. Mostly F.O.B's but we crazy
Damn that Vietnamese foo can fight.
by vboy April 06, 2003
The Vietnamese people are an ethnic group originating from what is now northern Vietnam and the southern People's Republic of China. They are the majority ethnic group of Vietnam, comprising 86% of the population as of the 1999 census, and are officially known as Kinh to distinguish them from other ethnic groups in Vietnam.

Vietnamese are not to be confused with yeet nam wah kews.

It would be interesting to note that only one-third (or 33%) of Viets actually marry Viets. Most Vietnamese marry Southern Chinese (Cantonese) or Whites. This is due to the fact that Viets had to go through alot and the country has enough Chinese and Whites in it.
The Vietnamese got the idea of Banh mi from the French.
by THE WORKOUT October 13, 2006
A definition by somebody who ISN'T Vietnamese! (by someone who goes to a school that is roughly 40 percent vietnamese) :O

Hey, guess what? People are people! Yeah, I know, it's such a hard concept to grasp! Really, out of all of the race pages on this website, this has to be the most conceited I have seen. I mean, come on, I've heard of pride, but "a special breed of beings"? That's just a superiority complex, right there.
For the past two years, I've gone to a school populated mostly with Vietnamese kids, and I can easily tell you that while yes, there are a lot of "quiet, hard working individuals" there, there are also a lot of kids who would rather talk all period while playing 13. Just like any other race (just change the name of the card game)
So please, as a message to anyone who is going to post some biased opinion about their race here, because they think somebody cares, please don't. Just get over yourselves. You're really not that great.
It isn't even just on the "vietnamese" page (this just has to be some of the worst) To everyone who is reading this, and thinking of making a page devoted to their two percent Indian or something:
Stop acting so damn superior. All you're doing is making yourselves, and your race (as it is seen on this website, anyway,) look ridiculous, and if anything else, it makes you look like an ignorant fool.
“Being Vietnamese is about riding in a Chinese motorbike to an local pub for a Lao beer, then travelling home, grabbing Cambodian common rat dishes on the way, phoning friends by a Finnish mobile phone, sitting on Italian furniture and watching Korean films on a Japanese TV every night as well."
*Vietnamese: I like these kinds of food such as squared sticky rice cakes, Pho, caramelised fish in claypot (ca kho to), Bun oc, Hu tieu, to name but a few.
*Korean: What about Lao beer? D'you like watching Korean films?
*Vietnamse: I do absolutely!
*Korean: You must be Vietnamese fo sho, man!
by quan cao tien August 11, 2010
Proverty stricken not by choice hardworking individuals given the opportunity who put 100% or more into their undertakings. Faced with many stereotypes and discriminations such as CHINK, GOOK, VIET CONG, and COMMIES, they are mentally/emotionally even at times physically tough as SHIET becuz of THIS. Not ALL are good looking and not ALL are ugly but who FUCKIN CARES. There is more to LIFE than these BASIS'. A Majority of Vietnamese people are law abiding citizens and hate unlawful behaviour because they had so much to got through and endure to
escape the war in Vietnam which THANK GOD is OVER. Some are NOT law abiding but so fuckin what. There are criminals in EVERY GOD FORBIDDEN RACE. And NO NO NO. WE dont ALL speak like FOBS as a matter of fact. Some Vietnamese like myself speak PERFECT ENGLISH and maybe even more PROPER than some of you EUROPEANS. In CONCLUSION, I would just like to say FUCK ALL YOU SHITBRICKS and RACIST MOTHAFUCKERS who started this SHIT in the first place. THANK YOU AND HAVE A SHITTY DAY!
1. "Vietnamese, Viet, Gook, Chink, what's the difference........."

2. Vietnamese Person: "um excuse me there..."

*gets cut off mid way*

1. "I SAID there is NONE" "Ya hear?!" "God damnit!!!! When will ya'll learn I make the world go round"

2. Vietnamese Person: "Dontttt makeee meee throw a grenade at your silly billy ass fucker."
by fcuken_S.T.D_Free September 04, 2008
A word used to describe a person who considers himself a person of Vietnam.

A word used to describe the language used by the people of Vietnam.
Joseph has a Vietnameses girlfriend who was born in Vietnam. He will have to learn Vietnamese to be able to communicated with her relatives in Vietnam, who only speak Vietnamese fluently.
by latieungao June 25, 2009

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