Literally, the "barbarians of the South," the "Viet" ("Yue") ("barbarians") of "Nam" ("south"), the Chinese name that the Han Chinese gave to the rice growing people from the Red River ("Song Hong" -- literally, the "Pink River"), and that they now use to describe themselves in the Chinese language rather than the word for their ethnicity, Kinh. Connotes a group of border people south of China who have copied Chinese religions (Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism), customs, technology, and lust for empire along with that from others (such as the Western alphabet and French and Russian colonial government systems) and whose sense of self comes mainly from their "dirt-water" geography ("dat-nuoc", usually mistranslated in English as "country"). Their survival strategy is to multiply quickly and use technologies that they copy or pirate from others and to spread over neighboring lands. They now rule over some 30 former displaced empires and cultures on their land including the artistic and innovative Khmer and Cham and are the 12th largest population group in the world but have invented little or nothing distinctive on their own. They prosper overseas due to an ability to copy and adapt and to live with low consumption.
Ho Chi Minh, a Vietnamese leader taking a Chinese name who wore Chinese clothes, plagiarized the U.S. Declaration of Independence, and built a political system for a newly independent country that copied the French and Russian colonial military rule.
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by Brooks Duncan December 19, 2007
People from Vietnam. There are many varieties of Vietnamese. They can be....
A.Educated and respectable professionals
B.Former South Vietnamese nationalists turned refugees
C.Nail shop owners
D. Thuggish idiots that look like the physical embodiment of bad hair gel, illiterate gangsters and secondhand anabolic steroids
I am Vietnamese and

A. I am going to med school
B. I will fight against the commies till my dying breathe
C. "Do nail! Do nail!"
D. I am going to throw away my future in exchange for a bad hair cut and an IQ equal to a blade of grass
#asian #viet #viet pride #idiots #saigon #pho
by Xanh January 07, 2008
You could compare them to a limited edition 1 ever made Legendary Pokemon that you have to win 1st place in a wi-fi tournament hosted by Nintendo to even have a CHANCE to catch it and that it has a low catch rate where as you would either need a Master ball, or use false swipe, paralyze it, make it sleep, and throw at least 99 shadow balls after 7 PM to up the catch rate effect of the shadow ball.
Oh my god why won't my shadow balls work on this Vietnamese pokemon?!
#vietnam #viet #vietnamese #pokemon #legendary
by I'm_A_Pokemon_Master_Boiii July 07, 2010
Asians that are not yellow.They are the darkest mofos ever.Asians that say 'duma' every couple of seconds.Mainly dominating around Orange County,Bay area,and the San Gabriel Valley areas of California.The whole damn country always lives in one of the cities listed above.Also,generally very good looking people.But they break every good stereotype of an Asian. They gamble way too much. If they ever invite you to their houses,you will see that their whole family tree shares the same roof along with either a chicken,dog or a fish.AND it's a mandatory thing for all of them to have a shrine of Buddha.

How to spot a viet guy:
1.Disgustingly long pinky nails.
2.spiky dark hair (looks like they used the whole container of gel).
3.Either dead skinny or fat.
4.Most of them are short.
5.thinks Honda accords are the shit.
6.has a ridiculous tattoo of either:a dragon,script writing of Vietnam,or their parents name in vietnamese.

How to spot a viet girl:
1.Always gorgeous or dead ugly.
never average.
2.You will find them always wearing shorts and skirts even in a below 0 degree weather.
3.Very sweet and nice all day everyday,but when you go away they will talk about you while doing people nails at their mom's nail shops.
4.either gold diggers or crazy NERDS.
5.always go for ugly white guys.
6.or really HOT Asian guys.
#viet #vietnamese #asians #gooks #chinks
by G.Nguyen November 30, 2007
Closet perverts with a fondness for hard liquor.
Friend: Hey are you coming to my birthday party?
Typical Vietnamese such as myself: Is there gonna be porn and booze?
#porn #booze #crazy bitch #lush #humor
by The Token Bitch September 11, 2006
An inhabitant of one of the poorest countries of Asia, them are yes, hardworking (not as much as the Chinese). Most of the Vietnamese have become lawyers and doctors and pharmacists. But a local Vietnamese cheats, lies and steals (especially in Vietnam around the Vietnam war) (seriously... my freakin motorcycle was stolen by some sonuvabitch and his hundred-member gang, and then I had to watch out for my sandals so some runt can't steal them if I ever turned my bac.
Most of them are cheap, although many teenagers in California spend mostly all their money here on brand-name clothing, Mercedes, Louis Vuitton, and more. It's always been a mystery how a Vietnamese woman how paints nails at a nail shop can afford such things.
They are mostly looked down by Koreans, Chinese, and Japanese because of their poor country. The amusement parks there only amuse you by the low-quality of the rides. (Some kid went bashing to the ground on a roller coaster ride. Thank God it was a low one.) Vietnamese have many pride even though they come from such low-class backgrounds.

Also, if you can see, all Vietnamese women have their eyebrows done the same as their friends. If you look afar at a group of Viet girls, you could've sworn they were sisters.
The best thing about Vietnam? ITS PHO IS SO CHEAP!
Guy #1: Check out that skinny Vietnamese chick. No hips at all!

Guy: #2: Daammnn, she looks like she couldn't afford any food!

Guy #3: Yeah, right. Look at her Bebe shirt, Guess jeans, Prada shoes, and Louis Vuitton purse.

Guy #2: I've seen her before! She did my girlfriend's nails the other day!

Guy #1: No way, I think she's the girl who served Pho at that one resturant.

Guy #3: She's that one chick who sold jewelery at Phuoc Luc Tho!

Guy #2: Wait, I think we're mistaken. Her eyebrows look too similar to the other Viet chicks, so I confused her.

All: Ohh...
#viet #vietnamese #pride #asian #phuoc luc tho #louis vuitton #vietnam #bebe #guess #pho #cheap
by Jeffed Up January 22, 2009
Southeast asians who think they're the best asians alive, when really they have nothing to be proud of. They all have the same fucking middle and last names, ever heard of originality? Most typical vietnamese girls are superficial and shallow, while most typical vietnamese boys think they're tough but an asian transfer student can easily kick their asses.
1. "The one and only Jennifer Tran!"

"WTF?? My name is Jennifer Tran you poser!"

2. "Vietnamese girls are the hottest girls alive."

"They all look the fucking same."
#vietnamese #shallow #superficial #typical #last name
by 31242 October 07, 2008
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