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Noun- A worthless record label that basically put emo into America. Most of their bands that they have contracts with were a bunch of really shitty garage bands that were given a deal because their neighbors pleaded to the agent guys to give them a deal and a studio so they could get some fucking peace. Their logo is this retarted looking bull dog that I'd shoot if I ever found it. Most of Victory Records' bands, if not all, are emo.
Some of the pestilence that Victory Records has shoved all over television are Hawthorne Heights, Aiden, Bayside, Comeback Kid, Silverstein, Spitalfield, Taking Back Sunday, Atreyu and Action Action.
by Majickpyro December 30, 2005
A record label, noted for its usual conservative/mainstream attitude, which has produced very few noteworthy bands and has instead promoted the likes of Silverstein, Atreyu, Thursday and other such surefire hits.

However, they also support the fearsome and wonderfully innovative Between the Buried and Me, so I am glad they exist.

They do also feature a few chill punk/alt/hardcore acts, like The Tossers and Comeback Kid.

Essentially, a minor record label which acts like a major record label.
Wow, did you hear that new Silverstein album? What a terrible waste of studio time.

Colors is too beautiful an album to be on Victory Records.

Comeback Kid aren't bad, but I prefer Cancer Bats.

Remember though, kids, it's not the label that counts, it's the band.
by The whiter guy September 07, 2009
A record company that has many bands but are not much noticed by music channels. Except FUSE. Bands like Atreyu, Aiden, Hawthorne Heights,Bayside,and more are signed to this label.
Victory Records is an emo, gothic, rock label. =)
by gothicrebelkr94 May 12, 2006
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