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Noun- A worthless record label that basically put emo into America. Most of their bands that they have contracts with were a bunch of really shitty garage bands that were given a deal because their neighbors pleaded to the agent guys to give them a deal and a studio so they could get some fucking peace. Their logo is this retarted looking bull dog that I'd shoot if I ever found it. Most of Victory Records' bands, if not all, are emo.
Some of the pestilence that Victory Records has shoved all over television are Hawthorne Heights, Aiden, Bayside, Comeback Kid, Silverstein, Spitalfield, Taking Back Sunday, Atreyu and Action Action.
by Majickpyro December 30, 2005
P.E.A.C.E. is my philosophy.
by Majickpyro January 03, 2007
The warning label on the sides of disposable butane lighters that say "Do not keep lit for over 30 seconds" are there for a good reason. If you do, in fact, keep a lighter lit for more than 30 seconds, the flame will suck back into the lighter, making a "Zoop" sound. This will cause the lighter, with all of the remaining fuel left in it to violently explode, and can result in a serious injury. I do not encourage anybody to try this.
"Hey, look out dude! The lighters gonna Zoop on you!"
by Majickpyro July 17, 2005
An EFA Policy is almost a lifestyle or basically how an individual (usually a girl) is known. EFA is an acronym that stands for "Everything For Anything", which in case you haven't already figured out, means that the individual will do every kind of sexual act for any form of compensation. Usually an EFA Policy applies to the whorish girls in high school and college. They are usually avoided because they are notorious for being infected with phallus-crippling STDs.
Guy 1: Man, that girl is fine! Yo, you know her number?
Guy 2: Hey man, you gotta look out for that bitch. She runs on an EFA Policy.
Guy 1: For real? Sheeit.
by Majickpyro June 13, 2006

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