It's like the way you portray yourself to people.

ALSO it's something One Direction looks for in a girl when they meet them, so GET YOUR VIBE ON GIRL!
"You're never vibeing, you just have a vibe. It's like banter" -Louis Tomlinson
#one direction #1d #banter #interviews #boobie vibe
by jademarshll August 10, 2011
the act of inserting a vibrator into ones genatalia.
Geeez that Phi Mu party was so great I just want to vibe....

I'm so stressed I need to vibe
#phi mu #vibrators #passion #silver bullet #pocket rocket
by VinnytheVibe April 30, 2009
English/British Slang:

To have sex with someone.
You'll vibe with that gal down there.
#sex #screw #intercourse #fuck #nail
by Ian Skinner March 30, 2008
a piece of shit radio station played throughout business's and companies Australia wide.
Sheila "oi Shaza what's that fucking bullshit playing"?

Shaza "oh that's the Vibe cunting you slag, its playing a mash of Anthony Callea and Shannon Knoll"

Sheila "oh it makes me want to absolutely kill myself ya mole"

(you can hear the sound of a single chair drop to the floor and can almost feel the nylon on Sheila's neck as Shaza kicks the chair from underneath her)
#the vibe #allianz #slags #moles #australians
by Living the Dream March 30, 2007
shorthand for vibrator or vibrator (the sex toy)
that sex shop sells lube, dildos, butt plugs, and vibes
#vibrator #vibe #bullet vibe #sex toys #rabbit pearl
by moretolife September 24, 2005
Abbreviation of vibrator or for those not to intellectual a dildo. A device inserted into the Vagina to stimulate pleasure.

Mans worst enemy
I looked in my mums cupboards to see what i got for christmas and i saw a vibe 2000, its a kind of rocket, you push a button and it vibrates. its hella cool
by Rsoulfunk August 01, 2004
When your phone is in your pocket and on vibrate only and someone texts or phones you.
"Ooh I've got vibes"
#vibrate #mobile #phone #text #txt #call #silence
by kezuke May 30, 2007
1) n. a negative, confrontational expression or action

2) v. to confrontationally, or negatively approach a
person or idea
--to act with passive animosity
1) "you just told me i was hella lame. vibes." (as in,
you gave me...)

2) ryan was being all vibey when he laughed at my myspace
#bad #energy #mean #confrontation #animosity
by staceyfoot August 11, 2006
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