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A incredibly well-known person on Halo:Reach who likes to make anime in forge world. Unfortunately, there are assholes who do not know how to keep their opinions to themselves and talk shit about vexsf. Vexsf probably gets many hate messages a day by faggots who don't understand anime.alot of People talk shit about vexsf because he likes to make anime about girls doing a sexy pose. People call him a pervert for this, yet every one who calls him that is probably a male and has masturbated atleast once, which makes most vexsf haters hypocrites because making anime is a whole lot less perverted than masturbation. alot of people talk shit about vexsf just for the fact that he makes anime. These kinds of people are probably american, as america is one of the most judgemental countries in the world. I myself am an american, but im not an asshole. Chances are, Vexsf is probably japanese and in japan, anime is very popular.
Some well-known anime that has appeared in america and is very popular: Pokemon, yugioh, dragon ball z, Bleach, naruto. Seriously, people need to get a life and quit hating on a guy who has enough talent and patience to make anime in halo.
annoying jock asshole: vexsf is fucking gay, seriously who the fuck likes anime anyway.
me:well atleast vexsf doesn't need steroids for what he does, pansy. I hope japan fucking takes over america, just to show all these hating assholes
by ExplosiveSoap August 14, 2011
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