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"Who the hell knows?" in Swedish. Commonly complemented with a shrug.
Vettefan vad han vill - Fuck knows what he wants.
by malad March 24, 2010
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A very cool person; A person irrestible to the ladies.
"I sure do wish I was vettefan"-fullfool
by ehhhh no March 16, 2005
A guy on IGN who likes his Corvettes waaaaay too much for his own good.
The guy prefers a Corvette to the new GT40!
by CSCProxima April 04, 2005
One of many penile IGN users, of the family "Posterus Dickus Heddus". Common traits include posts with incorrect spelling/grammar, unusually small penis size, and a brash/violent/immature demeanor.
Vettefan has trouble with women (girls), staying in school, and staying unbanned.
by vettefan March 16, 2005

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