A girl that wears alot of makeup in the winter. she wears so much makeup to the point in which she appears bronze
That girl shouldnt be tan its winter, that bitch has a veronica tan.

Why the fuck is she bronze? She be so stupid bitch got a veronica tan.
by jesseestlow December 22, 2010
Top Definition
A girl that has a tan during the winter season when most people are pale. She is usually very attractive and doesn't wear too much makeup.
*whistles* oh dayum, look at her she got a veronica tan. That's so sexy !
by JesseEslowIsAPussy January 02, 2011
When a girl has a tan in the seasons when most people don't, but it still looks good on her. But some times people still hate on her because their jealous that she has a bunch of guys all over her all the time.
Damn did you see that, she had a veronica tan and she was so sexy. "Id tap that" says every guy there.
by some1.tht.thinks.veronicas.hot January 01, 2011

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