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Veron is a town in the area of Punta Cana, in La Altagracia province, Dominican Republic. Named after a hardwood tree called vera.
Luis went to veron town to work as a teacher.
by Luis Padua February 20, 2009
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She is truthful, undeniably loyal. She is humble and confident. She is of a quiet storm. Though she may have faults, she stands strong from all adversities and pushes through to shine above all things. She's a mediator, tells you when she's wrong and when you're wrong too. It's either black or white. She can be slight modest by being a protector but never backs down from tell you how it is. She is a loving and caring person. She's a creator and passionate about her art form and life.
Veron is without a doubt a trustworthy person.
by Ontruth March 14, 2017
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Latin stem: meaning true image,

Ver- truth
Veron is another meaning for true image of a subject/self
by Ontruth March 14, 2017
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