a small city in florida (also known as washington county) where people aint afraid to walk around barefoot, swim in the creek, and eat fried chicken-even if your white. itsa country ass town where people party in boots and shorts and walk around with dirt in their nails...but we dont give a fuck! this is our town, and WE run this shit!!!
yeah, we smoke weed around here, but we dont call it "smokin on vernon" for damn sure...
by *~your sweet angel~* December 10, 2010
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1. a small town in sussex new jersey that has nothing other than snowboarders, pot, want to be snowboarders, and pot, if you enjoy and of the above please come to vernon and you will see how much fun it is
2. can also be used as a derogatory comment such as, bitch, ass, shit, and hoe
You better shut up or I'll vernon on your face.
When you dress like that you look like a dirty vernon.
That looks like the inside of my vernon.
Ew, thats disgusting you gross vernon.
by Rasheed Scott June 14, 2006
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An old gross asshole that beats women and gets away with it. Is very annoying and pompous.
He should be in jail, he's such a Vernon.
by Bamma777 January 23, 2010
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A town in sussex, nj.
It's basically a really pretty town with 25,000 people. The people who write bad things about Vernon are actually rich, high kids from Sparta. Sparta is Vernon's enemy town. How pathetic is that? They are so freaking competitive that they ACTUALLY write stupid stuff on a website about us.

If you go to Sparta, you will see rich kids smoking pot on the sidewalks of their white picket-fenced yards. They try to take the heat off of themselves by planting stupid lies about Vernon.

Vernon kids are actually reasonable people who don't sit on their lazy asses and smoke while watching MTV. They actually go to Mountain Creek or to Maple Grange, where they play sports and exercise.

When you go to Vernon, you'll see the dopest kids in NJ. Their high school is known for its excellence in sports and the students' voices being heard. Their opinions are vauled, and their superiors listen to them and do their best to treat them as individuals. Possibly the best school in the united states.
"Vernon is awesome"
"I know, I live there."
by dontmesswiththis September 06, 2012
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A place in Northern New Jersey where you can get a fuck load of pot, fuck ugly goths, and try and find niggers of our 25,000 population there is about 10 niggers. Also all the bitches are ugly.
Hey Joe! Lets goto Vernon and get high, then bang some ugly chick!
by Vernon Local, RDSG May 08, 2006
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a place where you see wives wearing their husbands shirts and missing teeth.
person 1 : look at that ugly woman wearing her husbands shirt.
person 2 : yeah wtf shes missing two front teeth
person 3 : and she smells like pot. she must be from vernon.
person 1 : duh. stupid vernon.
by jerseyistheplace September 18, 2009
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A fair sized town in northern Jersey with lots of very low grade pot otherwise known as "Dirt Weed". Only people that don't know any better or residents of the town would actually buy. Also home to many ugly and overweight girls who are terrible in bed.
"Want to go to Vernon and waste money on some dirt?"
by His holy Uberness August 30, 2007
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