main man.
"V-E-R-N! Vern, my main man, Vern."
by the best tickleasser there is January 12, 2009
Top Definition
An extremely well endowed man that is well versed in pleasing a women. A pimp, mac or casanova that knows his way around the female sexual experience.
That guy is a real vern in the sack!
by DrWho4 July 31, 2008
The act of putting an object under a nipple and pushing up slightly.
I. When Tim plays his acoustic guitar he verns.

II. Today, John verned Susan with his hand and yelled out "Bean Dip!"
by UnDuh November 27, 2009
Definition="The Chosen One":
Also used to describe "Perfection".

Derived from the latin word meaning "Excellence"
The name Vernon symbolizes "Safety" in the Greek vocabulary, and was often used to describe someone who had traveled many miles to accomplish phenomenal feats.
Some cultures actually called their Gods Vern.

Common names associated with Vernon= Greg
That picture is Vern.
Your shaping up to be a real Vern by getting straight A's at school.
My life is perfect... I'm finally 100% in Vern!
by Heart and brain October 01, 2013
A woman that can light a fire in any mans heart. Just looking at her lips move is enough to make your heart skip a beat... And oh man she can kiss. She is a good listener and a model friend. She sometimes can be very moody, but if you weather the storm, it's a guarantee that she will turn out to be the most fun, sexy and loving girl you've ever met. Did I mention she has the body of a goddess? I could've sworn I did. This could be my opinion because I'm married to a vern but it's true for me I guess.
Vern is so awesome
by Psychoanalyst September 23, 2014
A very sexy boy who usually has the nicest eyes in school. He attracts all the ladies and gets everyone jealous.
"Hey did you see Vern today?"

"Yeah he was with all the ladies"
by Unknown12447 January 29, 2014
the name The Williams gave The Mathis as because there were no 2 Hunters in one party.
by The DAYE's impersonator October 25, 2010

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