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Cardiff City Football Club.
"Are the vermin in the Premier League yet?"

"No they blew it again"
by J.B'stard May 08, 2009
a small idiotic, worthless and disease infested animal that steals food and multiplies at incredibly annoying rates.
Tom better stop chasing those vermin or he's gonna get really really sick.
by Anonymous October 22, 2003
a worthless piece of shit. much like a scumbag but if you are vermin, you do not give a shit about anything. you do what you want, and you do not care who it effects.
"That kid is complete vermin"

"The lift line at Mountain Creek has an abundance of vermin in it"

by Johnny_X April 01, 2008
What Richard Gere shoves up his ass.
Richard Gere made a stupid chick movie, then he went back to his trailer and shoved vermin up his ass.
by PPabs September 29, 2003
a disgusting creature or animal
Vermin: "Why do you all stare at me like that?"
Me: "Because you're a vermin."
by Raksha and them March 13, 2015
An awesome local street punk band in Fargo. Every song makes you want to mosh. These guys are awesome
I went to see Vermin at a show.
by monkey_rage_666 June 10, 2004
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