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a worthless piece of shit. much like a scumbag but if you are vermin, you do not give a shit about anything. you do what you want, and you do not care who it effects.
"That kid is complete vermin"

"The lift line at Mountain Creek has an abundance of vermin in it"

#scum #vermin #trash #shit #dirt
by Johnny_X April 01, 2008
A 24/7 deli located on Rt.23 South in Butler/Kinnelon, NJ.
G&A is the hot spot for high/trashed hungry kids on the weekend, it is usually packed on a Friday/Saturday night between 1-3A.M.
"holy shit I'm so hungry, lets make a trip to G&A"
#deli #howard stern #bandanna dave #drunk #cops
by Johnny_X April 01, 2008
similar to no homo
1).when you say something that sounds really gay and you actually mean it.
2). when someone else says something pretty gay, you can make fun of it by saying pro homo.

1)."Yo Cher is playing at the Super Dome, lets get tickets pro homo"

2).Preston: "I hate these straws, you have to suck so hard"
Brock: "...pro homo"
#homo #pro homo #no homo #rod stewart #coldplay
by Johnny_X April 01, 2008
when having sexual intercourse, after you ejaculate into the condom, you take it off and slap the girl across the face with it.
"Yo should I scuzzlebuff that bitch tonight?"
#scuzzlebuff #condom #slap #sex #bitch
by Johnny_X April 01, 2008
the juice/liquid in your scrotum.
"My testes are just floating around in fladmere"
#scrotum #juice #balls #fladmere #testes
by Johnny_X April 01, 2008
fat bitch; an obese female.
"eww, you banged that feebee?"

"bro, I would not go near that fucking feebee"

"yeah I would maybe do the feebee, after about 50 beers"
#fat #bitch #rotund #obese #gross
by Johnny_X April 01, 2008
a casual alcoholic beverage; beer is the number one casual beverage. the ideal situation for drinking casual is when you just get home from a long day at work, or when you just want to enjoy a few casuals with the boys(close friends/chums)
"Hey Ted, let's say you and I watch the game and enjoy a few casuals"

"You got it Johnson, theres nothing like hanging out with boys and sipping a nice casual!"

"I say we all head over to Nick's garage and pound some casuals"
#casual #beer #boys #beverage #hanging
by Johnny_X March 31, 2008
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