When someone talks to you in an emotional manner ussually goes on for hours about themselves often doesn't to want to listen to what you have to say.
-Why are you not picking up the phone?
- It's Angie she's been fighting with her boyfriend, I don't think I can take another load of her verbal diarrhea.
by TartdyTardis June 29, 2016
the product that results when everything that issues from a person's mouth is a flood of wet runny shit.
I was looking in a magazine and there was an article of "things you can get for your loved ones this Christmas". There were the latest audio-books, movies, recorded speeches anthologies and then there was the recorded "works" of every Rush Limbaugh radio session to date. The writer referred to that as "verbal diarrhea". Honest!
by City Kidd May 23, 2009
When someone talks, and the resulting output smells and sounds like shit
Every time George W. Bush gives a speech, all I hear is verbal diarrhea.
by Dan Miller March 23, 2004
when someone is just talking so much shit it's like it spews form their mouth in a disgusting and uncontrollable way.
Jeff has so much verbal diarrhea that hes going to get his a** kicked.
by mary December 02, 2004
When your ass starts talking to you.
<m0ther> Did you do your homework?
<Billy's Ass> Go to hell you ass-faced witch.
<Billy> ... I didn't say that.
<m0ther> Oh golly!
by B-Drac August 12, 2003
its when some one keeps on talking total, utter crap and i just keeps on going and going, so bad that it smells fuckin rancid, just take it from me, evry prep is like that
Xaqua:happyb dat to u happy b day to u happybday to UUUUUUUU!!!!!!happy b day to U!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;}

Cronus:jesus christ stfu!!!!! u have the worst case of verbal diarrhea!!!!!
by Raph Torres June 05, 2006
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