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Trash talking idiot that simply verballises to entertain, usually with not much luck what so ever.
A: Did i tell you about that time...
B: No.
A: Well lemme...
B: No.
A: Well you see that i do this.
A: And that.
A: And this.
A: And woo woo damn woo hiyady.
B: Gee you talk some shit, anyone would think you had Verbal Diarrhoea.
A: Well infact...
B: Yeah i know you do.
by Chossenji September 07, 2005
17 7
The product of a funny but drunk Welsh teacher. A term used to represent sisters, girls and people who generally have a loose jaw. Also a term for parrots.
Shut up! You must have Verbal Diarrhoea!
God, child have you got Verbal Diarrhoea?
God child, you've got the Verbal squits!
by Matress_of_evil January 22, 2005
9 2
Non stop, incessant chattering of nonsense.
Patrick Horton has verbal diarrhoea.
by RichardN October 09, 2013
1 0
Something that happens to buttmunches during curry.
Do you have verbal diarrhoea, or are you ACTUALLY INSANE?
by Tom Bowtell March 20, 2003
4 7