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Trash talking idiot that simply verballises to entertain, usually with not much luck what so ever.
A: Did i tell you about that time...
B: No.
A: Well lemme...
B: No.
A: Well you see that i do this.
A: And that.
A: And this.
A: And woo woo damn woo hiyady.
B: Gee you talk some shit, anyone would think you had Verbal Diarrhoea.
A: Well infact...
B: Yeah i know you do.
by Chossenji September 07, 2005
The product of a funny but drunk Welsh teacher. A term used to represent sisters, girls and people who generally have a loose jaw. Also a term for parrots.
Shut up! You must have Verbal Diarrhoea!
God, child have you got Verbal Diarrhoea?
God child, you've got the Verbal squits!
by Matress_of_evil January 22, 2005
Non stop, incessant chattering of nonsense.
Patrick Horton has verbal diarrhoea.
by RichardN October 09, 2013
Something that happens to buttmunches during curry.
Do you have verbal diarrhoea, or are you ACTUALLY INSANE?
by Tom Bowtell March 20, 2003

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