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a show on adult swim about two absent-minded boys, hank and dean venture. they are the sons of doctor thaddeus venture, a failed scientist who hates his life. dr. venture spends most of his time dealing with his annoying archnemesis, the monarch, who is obsessed with monarch butterflies. the two venture brothers tend to get inadvertently get wrapped up in some plot involving "super-science" and the like.
"go team venture!" -hank and dean
by d-shadow January 19, 2005
When two guys discuss their sexual conquests only to find out they have unknowingly have three or more girls in common and instantly become best friends as a result.
Guy 1: "And then there was this girl Jessica..."
Guy 2: "...Wait, Jessica who?"
Guy 1: "Jessica Fakeasfuck?"
Guy 2: "NO WAY ME TOO!"
Guy 2: "We're totally Venture Brothers!"
by johnnymurmur October 13, 2011
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