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A different way of saying the goold old sarcastic "we know."
Guy 1: Yo I got DS University Blue Foams!

Guy 2: Veno papa!
#we #know #veno #veeno #weno #weknow
by PapaVeno December 05, 2011
The act of blowing a load in your pants before having sex.

When a girl touches you unsexually and you blow a load in your pants.
Man last night was going great I almost had her in bed and then I pulled a Veno and had to go home.

Mark: So did you hear about Jim?
Mike: No, whats up?
Mark: He was with his new girl and they were walking into her room and he pulled a Veno..
Mike: That freakin blows...
Mark: Literally haha
#cum #blow #load #sex #touch
by Wellthatsucks1234 September 09, 2010
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