A sexually-transmitted condition that occurs during coitus and cures itself immediately upon separation of the pubic areas.

This condition is caused by the rough shaven pubic hair of one partner becoming entangled in the curly unshaven pubic hair of the other partner. As the name suggests, it would create a velcro-like fastening of the 2 crotch areas, requiring a substantial force to separate them.

Symptoms include: decreased ability to retract, loud ripping sounds from the genital area, and hair loss.
Johnny's bushy-haired girlfriend is walking funny today because he gave her velcrotch last night. It ripped the muff clean off her.
by 1nv3rt1g0 November 25, 2010

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the entanglement of hairs in the area between the thighs and scrotum of the male human, requiring a swipe of a finger to rip the two apart before further natting causes pain.

Lance took pleasure in the pain when digging through his velcrotch to get a whiff of fromunda.
by L.B. March 15, 2006
An irritating chafing of the inner thighs. Usually caused by swimming in salt water, or by severe ass sweat.
"What are you, bowlegged!? Hurry up you fat bastard."
"I can't, I've got some bad velcrotch.
Got any cornstarch?"
by Anthony Orifice August 26, 2004

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