Tiny interlocking loops of man-made material. Found on the shoes of kindergardeners.
Person: "I want interlocking loops of man-made material on my shoes so I can be cool. I think I will buy shoes with velcro straps."
by Evil October 18, 2003
something that's so great it sticks in your mind like a piece of velcro.
DJ Danger Mouse's Grey Album is so sick it's velcro.
by deprimer August 08, 2004
An extremely lesbian girl.
Person: hey what sexual preference are you?

Girl: Dude, I am so Velcro.
by Jordiee February 23, 2008
When you shave the hair on your head to 2 or 1 millimeter in length, so that when you run your hand over your head, it feels like a coarse, short-haired brush. When you try to pull a sweater or shirt over your head, it will stick a bit like velcro.
"Man, this velcro got me a head full of lint from my sweater".
by Crapper McGee January 25, 2004
a word used to describe a poodle or any other unattractive tiny mutt
John loved his lap dog even though the whole neighborhood thought it was annoying and resembled velcro.
by Dmunsey November 03, 2003
1. a person who is very slow
2. a household appliance and the answer to everything.
That class is way too hard for me, i felt hella velcro the whole time.
Velcro is useful- especially to attach the remote to the television.
by Yebeka December 19, 1999
a woman who has a mustache. one can refer to such a woman as "velcro" as a nickname.
When she kisses a guy their mustaches will interlock and peel away just like velcro.
by Dave B333 March 08, 2006
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