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Super beast guy, with a hugemongest Dick, he often fucks a lot of chicks, he's is great at sports, such as baseball, football, basetball, ect. He is the greatest in the whole galaxy. He spells words wrong.but people never correct him because they know better to mess with him. He is often mistaken for a movie star, every want to be him but fail because you can't be him you must live like him. He is real rich and can afford anything. If you come into contact with a Velasco you must bow down to him. Velasco must watch out for jealous kids named Kevin, Robert, Hannah, Zerfu, Alex,Eloy,Johnny, Gabriel, Jan, Salvador,Mark, all Kevins in general, Alan, Athnony, Fabian. Velasco aslo means you will always be like, on a team, wanted, loved, and the best at every thing you do. If you are not a Velasco you should just kill your self now because you cant measure up to a Velasco title.
Kate: Hey I was with my boyfriend last night and he totaly Velasco me. Beth: I Wish my boyfriend was more like a Velasco. Lily: my boyfriend total Velasco me in the back of his car. Kevin: Hey the other day I met this guy at the park and he totaly Velasco us at all sports. Johnny: Oh yeah, that guy also stole my girlfriend at my own birthday party he was a Velasco too.
by Vfresh June 16, 2011
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