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(humourous) someone who has got nothing to do and annoys other people who are busy.
(Hindi slang)
Just because he's got nothing to do, he thinks everyone is vela like him.
by bluejay2408 February 14, 2009
50 26
the coolest muthafucka you'll ever know
There goes vela, he plays a mean guitar.
by Woodstock June 17, 2004
74 31
Female name. Slavic origin. Short for 'Velika' which means "great one" or "beautiful one".
She was such a velika baby girl at birth that her parents named her 'Vela'.
by Easterlily February 05, 2010
20 11
my husbands last name therefore it's mine too.
by luvmyvela60 February 03, 2009
21 18
a rossmit bumbaclot
a small pink creature that plays a mean guitar
by Jon Mueller June 22, 2004
11 18