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Sexual fetish wherein one partner places plastic wrap over another's mouth and procedes to defecate in their mouth. A cleaner variation of Hot Lunch.
"This time I kissed her afterwards because she had the vegetarian hot lunch."
by Bryan Way April 06, 2006
When one takes a dump in a girl's mouth and her mouth has seran wrap so she only gets the heat not the meat.
I gave that ho a vegetarian hot lunch!
by Victor May 20, 2003
The "receiver" lies flat on their back with their face covered in saran-wrap. The "giver" chrouches and defecates upon the saran-wrap clad face. Bliss then ensues. Dubbed vegetarian because no "beef" is consumed. Hot lunch needs no explanation. Often seen in conjunction with the "Cleveland Steamer."
Jeff Goldbloom was on a diet, so he had a vegetarian hot lunch.
by Harry Blumpkins February 01, 2003