What is left stuck to the back of a toilet bowl the day after eating a mixture of festy vagina and cigarette butts from beer cans. (Which aptly describes the Kraft product as well).
Robbo left a trail of vegemite down the back of the dunny this morning, he must have scored last night after a big night on the piss.
by Johnny fucking Howard October 02, 2013
an affectionate term used to describe a loved one. most commonly used in austriala and willimantic, ct.
"she's a clever little vegemite!"
by kdrrrgs February 18, 2008
A thick, dark-brown bread-spread best put on toast or bread, but known to be spread on other edibles. Very potent in strong doses, able to render your tastebuds on the verge of withering up and dying. If you've grown up around Vegemite then this will have no effect on you.

Promite is better.
Those foreigners, spreading Vegemite on their bread thicker than Peanut Butter or common jam.
by Bastardized Bottomburp November 16, 2003
Thick brown brewer's yeast paste from the Land Down Under. The slightest dollop on the end of a toothpick touched to a slug's back will incapacitate it in a matter of seconds, and render it an salty and torturous pool of black ooze in just under a minute effectively creating another couple ounces of Vegemite to dab on one's toast.
Pass the Vegemite, mate, I ran out of nails to hammer through my tongue.
by Craig Duckett August 16, 2005
It is when you are going down on a girl and you go a bit too far down, thats where the vegemite is.
"Oh, I totally went too far down on Cassie last night dude, I tasted the vegemite"
by CunnyFunt March 19, 2008
it looks like petrolleum, tastes like crap, only eaten by australians, expats in other countries, and people who eat way too much crrap.
1) some autralian weirdo: have some vegemite, mate!
mo: no way. looks like petrolleum, tastes like crap.

2) ian: I'd rather drink coffee made from civet cat shit than to taste that crap (vegemite).

3) random tourist: let me have some of that vegemite!
*spreads some vegemite thinly on a piece of bread, then eats it*
*chokes, then vomits, then passes out.*
some australian: poor fella. I feel sorry for him. *starts eating vegemite, then proceeds to hum the "happy little vegemite" jingle.*
by Ian Lopez April 06, 2008
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