hippies, with enough free time to read the label on everything they eat.
vegan= "is there eggs in bread...?"
by kccc =] August 07, 2007
A vegan is someone who does not consume or use anything that is derived from animal cruelty. Vegans pertain to this standard on various levels: Vegans never eat milk, eggs, meat, or gelatin (boiled animal bones), or products containing them. But some vegans consume honey, and some consume white sugar (which could be filtered through charcoal made from cows' bones). Vegans never wear leather, but I have known a few who wear wool that is certified to come from farms where the sheep are happy, healthy, hormone-free, humanely sheared, and not mulesed*.

Vegans are not necessarily hippies, activists, pacifists, or crazies... but some of them definitely are, and they scare me.

*Mulesing is the act of cutting flaps of skin off of a sheep's hindquarters to keep parasites away; it is often performed without anesthesia.
I was vegan (still had sugar and honey) for a time, but my family is full of cooks and bakers, so I eat dairy and eggs if it's a special occasion and the dish was made by a family member.
by The Indie Chick October 22, 2006
Someone who refuses to either eat or wear anything derived from an animal. Not necessarily any less healthy than your typical omnivore—contrary to popular belief, you can get protein from some plants—but not necessarily any more so.

Also not inherently self-righteous...but altogether too many of them are.
"You can preach veganism at me all you want...but I'm not giving up chicken strips, silk shirts, or leather boots. Get over it."
by Qit January 21, 2004
A vegan is a person who doesn't partake in any animal feasting or animal wearing, basically anything to do with harming animals. Which is totally stupid because as a meat eater my guilt and human self importance won't allow me to agree and allow them to win. So I will disagree with new information about how veganism is healthy and stick to ~facts~ about meat eating. The buddhists are stupid weak fools for not eating meat, shaolin monks got nothing but illusions and fake tricks, they've got no ~real~ strength cause they don't eat meat! Never mind the fact that most abbatoir workers become vego after. And I have a highe chance of getting cancer as a meat eater.
John: I'm a vegan

Daniel: You're an idiot trend follower. Its all a stupid hippie californian thing

John: Damn hippie surfing california buddhist monks I'm not vegan anymore because killing for no reason and getting cancer from diseased animals from abbatoirs and farms of bad condition... rulezzzzz!

Daniel: True that
by maddiezzrooolzzz February 09, 2008
One who insists that their diet is more ethical, despite the fact that millions of animals are killed every year in the adding of insecticide to and harvesting of their food.
Will someone shut this vegan up?
by Arachnidoc June 29, 2005
Someone who cares about the suffering of sentient creatures, and therefore does not consume eggs, milk, or meat, as well as abstaining from wearing animals or using products tested on them.

Meat-eaters are harmful to the environment, not vegans. They are the main cause of world hunger by wasting land to feed overbred cows who will become tortured and killed. Meat is an inefficient resource, and also requires a lot of oil in production. Don't say veganism is bad for the environment.

God warned against animal cruelty, and preched compassion. Many references made to meat were metaphoric or not referring to flesh. Most scholars believe Jesus didn't even eat fish, so don't use the pseudo-Christian argument either.

Finally, b12 and protein can be obtained from plants. Beans, nuts, and seeds are rich in protein, and many other plant based foods contain it as well. Seaweed, yeast, and raw organic foods have b12, and it also can be grown as a bacteria.

Debeaking, beating, tail-docking, ear-clipping, confinement, etc. aren't humane. There's no excuse for not being vegan.

The arguments against veganism are very ignorant.

The word vegan means compassion.
Woah, that person cares about the world, she must be a vegan.
by John September 04, 2003
all vegans are freaks, they make us eat salad and shit like that just so they can keep a few animals, most people like to wave steak under their noses to keep them away
person1: ha another vegan wot a freak
person2: ye lets go wave a steak under their noses!!!
by DJ SPYKERZ(SCOUSED OUT) June 19, 2009
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