a. Someone who anthropomorphizes animals and endows with with human rights.
b. Someone who is self righteous
c. Someone who looks terribly emmaciated, most likely because of malnutrition, but also because of stressing out about animals being eaten and from protesting against carnivorism. These protests are typically caused by the psychological need for attention and/or as a form of rebellion against society.
a. "That cow has the same rights as you or me...."
b. "Um....did you know that the chicken in that sandwich you're eating was stuffed in a cramped cage and not allowed to move? You need to become vegan, or at least vegetarian"
c. "PETA!!!!! ANIMALS ARE PEOPLE TOO!....hang on I have to sit down for a second I think my leg snapped"
by Cliff Whitty July 31, 2006
A strange being, composed entirely of vegetables and foliage, their diets consist of much the same.
It thinks itself of a somewhat superior creature but in reality it is no more than a cabbage in desperation to consume meat.
See also Pendle
Vegan: Im a vegan and im so cool!
Human: <_< No...you're just a brainless weirdo
by Ray18 May 10, 2006
A vegan is a person who doesn't partake in any animal feasting or animal wearing, basically anything to do with harming animals. Which is totally stupid because as a meat eater my guilt and human self importance won't allow me to agree and allow them to win. So I will disagree with new information about how veganism is healthy and stick to ~facts~ about meat eating. The buddhists are stupid weak fools for not eating meat, shaolin monks got nothing but illusions and fake tricks, they've got no ~real~ strength cause they don't eat meat! Never mind the fact that most abbatoir workers become vego after. And I have a highe chance of getting cancer as a meat eater.
John: I'm a vegan

Daniel: You're an idiot trend follower. Its all a stupid hippie californian thing

John: Damn hippie surfing california buddhist monks I'm not vegan anymore because killing for no reason and getting cancer from diseased animals from abbatoirs and farms of bad condition... rulezzzzz!

Daniel: True that
by maddiezzrooolzzz February 09, 2008
Polite company word to be inserted when the word "fuck" and its derivatives would be offensive.

Well, vegan you!
This looks like a cluster vegan.
Use the right tool or it will get all veganed up.
Hey, did you vegan my sister?
Are we veganed or what!
by F. Kennedy June 20, 2007
Someone who cares about the suffering of sentient creatures, and therefore does not consume eggs, milk, or meat, as well as abstaining from wearing animals or using products tested on them.

Meat-eaters are harmful to the environment, not vegans. They are the main cause of world hunger by wasting land to feed overbred cows who will become tortured and killed. Meat is an inefficient resource, and also requires a lot of oil in production. Don't say veganism is bad for the environment.

God warned against animal cruelty, and preched compassion. Many references made to meat were metaphoric or not referring to flesh. Most scholars believe Jesus didn't even eat fish, so don't use the pseudo-Christian argument either.

Finally, b12 and protein can be obtained from plants. Beans, nuts, and seeds are rich in protein, and many other plant based foods contain it as well. Seaweed, yeast, and raw organic foods have b12, and it also can be grown as a bacteria.

Debeaking, beating, tail-docking, ear-clipping, confinement, etc. aren't humane. There's no excuse for not being vegan.

The arguments against veganism are very ignorant.

The word vegan means compassion.
Woah, that person cares about the world, she must be a vegan.
by John September 04, 2003
Someone who doesn't eat anything that came from an animal. But then again, if that were their motto, they wouldn't be "allowed" to eat vegatables or fruits or pretty much anything else, either. Because those foods are grown in manuer, which, not to gross people out, is animal crap. And, FYI, animal crap comes from animals too. So vegans pretty much don't eat anything. Except water. Which isn't a food.
Ashley: Woah, Mary Kate, your so thin, what have you been eating?
Mary Kate: Just water. Hilary Duff is on the same thing. Isn't my new 'vegan diet' just FAB?!
Ashley: Um, sure.. but I asked what you were eating.
Mary Kate: Water...
by Oh em gee is that Rachel? again? January 03, 2006
Vegetarians that not only choose to avoid ALL animal products, but also impose their beliefs on those of others.

Also, grain used in feeding cattle is not suitable for human consumption.
This vegan bitch told me to put down my hot dog, so i rammed it into her temple and gave her a strawberry milkshake.
by ben February 25, 2005

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