An individual who doesn't consume animal products. Sometimes their motives are pure, but for the most part they live this lifestyle to try to be morally superior to others. They can try, anyway.
The Vegans are coming! The vegans are coming! Here's one with a leather coat and shoes...
by tradesman May 13, 2003
The pure work of satan
I became a vegan but later realized how much of a 'missed steak' it was
by that_lax_bro January 26, 2015
Someone who does not use any animal products (which is near impossible). It has been proven that to be a vegan one must have a ridiculous superiority complex. This is often mistaken by the vegan and other vegans as enlightenment. This massive ego stimulation often results in insulting "meat-eaters" undeservedly, and the delusion that they are actually making a change. This also involves constant bragging about how much they love the lifestyle.
1. "If you are not a vegan, you are a terrible, terrible person incapable of feeling compassion or love because you can stomach the thought of killing a cow. Hold on, I have to finish my tofu and soy milk."
2. "As a vegan, I would sooner kill one human infant than two cows."
(Note: Number 2 is a direct quote from a vegan I know.)
by Howard D. Marsh May 04, 2011
someone who doesnt want to suck on a cows udder,or eat a chickens menstruation result...

or contribute to the harm done to defenceless animals:)
'if the slaughter house had glass walls, i would be a vegan''
by vaselisa June 20, 2005
a group of hipsters that slaughter fruit and vegetables
vegans dont eat animal products
by Ariliana July 03, 2012
Vegans have actually researched how their bodies work.
They realise that our entire digestive system works the best when supplied with plantfood.
This is supported by SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE.
They have also realised that eating meat gives you a HIGHER CHANCE OF GETTING CANCER.
They are generally fit, healthy looking and aren't fat-asses. There are many vegan atheletes and awesome-looking celebrities so dont give me your mal-nutrition bullshit.
They also sit and laugh at people who sit and preach about how little animals get stuck under harvesting equipment, because the meat and dairy industries are one of the leading contributors to global warming and also ruin the lives of poorer people in countries overun by soya plantations (95% of which are used to feed livestock).
Do some research, THEN argue against veganism, or maybe you can't, because there is no arguement. There is just ignorance.
I'm a vegan, and i actually care about other people which i why i like to let people know that they are killing themselves with a diet they've been brainwashed into believing is good for them by the multi-billion dollar meat and dairy corporations. Sorry for bothering you.
by Notadummy June 03, 2011
someone who believes that they have accomplished something great; but just look like a total tool.
What a vegan.
by brownbear2206 December 14, 2010
A person who realizes that eating animal products and by products is not ok.Knows that everyone isnt vegan and accepts that.This person usually also realizes that billions of rabbits,mice,insects, and other animals are killed in grain processing,and resents that,but does not understand how people who eat grains AND animal products can say this because these things are equally cruel.Has less percentage of getting various cancers than meat eaters and vegetarians.Contrary to popular belief, actually cares about other people and their ideas because everyone has the right to express their feelings for or against veganism.
Dude: Hey want this well done steak?

Vegan: Nah, I'm vegan.

Dude: Wow, how do you survive? I mean doesnt milk have protein and stuff?

Vegan: Yup, but soy milk has the same amount and less fat and I can take supplements if I feel like I'm not getting my vitamins.

Dude:Oh ok, I've never had anyone explain it to me that way, I guess vegans arent that bad after all.

Vegan:Aww thanks, can you pass the peas?
by *bunny;] January 15, 2008

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