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The Vedoucheraptor, or Vedouchious Raptoranus, is a species native to the inland coastal tribal hunting grounds of the common male stereotypical hairy southern bridge nosed jawa wombat. Standing an average height of -1003cm, the Vedoucheraptor preys on the unsuspecting Drop Bears of South East Asia, primarily Australia. They are known for their ferocity and also for the all too common erectile disfunction that plagues their kind. The Vedoucheraptor is a direct descendant of the town of Home Hill, being its first child from the illegitimate relationship with its sister city Ayr in Northern Queensland.
Fred: "Holy F**K Joe, Did you see the size of that Vedoucheraptor !!!"

Joe: "Yeah...that was a big one."
by Nekrayleaus Zwinick November 15, 2008
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