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1. someone you can totally trip on (n)
2. compliment generator.
3. 24x7 care-giver to madz
4. is an amazing fook.
5. the eternal nice-guy-but-can-still-beat-the-shit-out-of-you person.
6. has hidden strengths.
7. can be lifted by a madz
8. someone who loves his sunshine.
whoaaaa.... THat guy is suuuccchh a vedant man...!!!

look at that guy play bass, he must be a vedant.

he gets drunk on sprite.. sheesh. what a vedant.
by missin'piece January 13, 2009
45 32
A creepy, horrible, sexually-perverted Indian guy who loves to creep on young girls and has even committed sex offences. He is undesirable and repulsive, deeply disliked by his peer and by girls for his grotesque appearance and vindictive personality.
Guy: "Oh god I hate Vedant, he is so creepy."
Girl: "Ugh, tell me about it. He is repulsive."
by CloverLeaf99 February 28, 2014
9 1
A creepy, desperate person who likes getting spanked ;) and getting towels whipped at him by angry germans. Also known to be a male prostitute in the streets of his home city.
i saw a bunch of vedants over there sharpening their chainsaws
by Indiangurl23 June 24, 2011
44 55
The term giving in the South to an indian, that comes from the county of India.
Singular: Go to the gas station, they got a vedant their that is going to hook you up with some fire ass shit.
Plural: Look at those terrosits, oh sorry they are just vedants.
by Julious August 06, 2006
16 42