A collection of nude,pictures you keep on hand.
That's chick's vault is loaded.
by Nick471940 January 26, 2014
1. (n) A sports energy drink.
2. (v) To masturbate if you're a female.
1. all i had was a can of vault and it kept me up all night!
2. im vaulting right now.
by shamelesspulg July 01, 2007
Another word for puke. Specifically what one wants to do to relieve the nausea after drinking Coca Cola's disgusting energy drink.
Dude, that shit was disgusting. I think I'm gonna vault
by BillyBob23 January 12, 2007
Originally seen on the General Mayhem forums, Vault is the place where we keep the funny, aka, comedy gold, platinum and plutonium. only the finest metals of comedy are stored in the vault.
Vault this shit, its comedy gold!
by Stu September 26, 2004
An extremly awful-tasting knock-off of the popular drink Mountain Dew. Made by Coke (see evil), Vault is what vampires drink when they can't find any human blood. Vault is commonly confused with toxic waste, and can be found in septic tanks nationwide.
You: Dude, that's not Dew!
"Friend": Oh yeah, it's this new stuff callled Vault that's supposed to taste better. Plus, it's cheaper!
You: I don't know, dude...
"Friend": Trust me, it'll be fine.
You: Alright...
"Friend": Sluurpp... (has a heart attack and a stroke at the same time and dies)
You: That'll show him! DO THE DEW!!!
by Thomas F. March 17, 2006
A word used to describe someone who is "safe"
Bob: Yo, I got you the dro'
Bill: How much my don?
Bob: For you, free of charge
Bill: Ah you're so vault Bob
by BlueAndroid August 12, 2014

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