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Vash the Stampede is a legendary gunman from the anime Trigun. He’s reputation is not correct to his character. He will never kill anyone or let any one die in any circumstance no matter how the situation looks. There is only one person he has killed, and he is ever remorseful. Vash is a person that every one fears and no one be leaves that he is Vash because he is nothing like his reputation of destroying entire towns if he wants to, and killing thousands on a whim. He will intimidate any one to save a life.
"Total Slaughter,
Total Slaughter.
I won't leave a single man alive.

La de da de dai,
La de da de duh,
An ocean of blood.

Let's begin the killing time."
by VMVash April 20, 2005
Main character of the anime Trigun. Peaceful man, despite the vicious rumors surrounding his past. Brother of Millions Knives.
Vash the Stampede! I order you to stop right there!
by Blargh April 22, 2003
The legendary outlaw who loves women, peace and doughnuts. A reluctant combatant who's legendary aim is only rivaled by his appetite.
"I am known for their bullets never missing their mark, especially when it comes to the heart of a beautiful lady... BANG!"
- Vash the Stampede
by Jamison Marquart October 31, 2004
Vash is the greatest plant there ever was. Don't ever take away Trigun.......
or else.
by Josh the Stampede October 22, 2003
Donut-eating crybaby pacifist from Trigun.... gotta love him!
I just want to hug him and squeeze and kiss him and snuggle him.... ack, Shawn getta hold of yourself!
by Shawn B. August 17, 2003
a cute mama's boy/pervert
that fights for "love and peace" and eats the fried cyclops (AKA donuts)
Does he like bagels too

We know we do!!!
by BJ and MJ December 30, 2003
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