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Vapping is the art of female masterbation, similar to fapping, but for females.
It involes the stroking of the female genitalia, the stimulation of the clitoris, etc.
"I walked in on my girlfriend who was vapping to a nude picture of a Jonas Brother"
by Earwing November 07, 2008
The act of using an electronic cigarette or personal vaporizor while masturbating.
I was almost caught vapping last night but my monster cloud allowed me to hide the evidence.
by I_know_left December 16, 2014
Claping your vagina flaps together for ones own sexual pleasure.
Last night I was texting Jessica and she said she was vapping.
by jwiewiura214 April 08, 2014
The Term coined for the act of a women fapping.

Its is a combination of the words vagina and fapping, which is how it recieved the name vapping.
I just got done vapping, it was very nice.
by Stevosmusic May 04, 2011

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