VAP is one of many acronyms used by the Americorps-sponsored group Teach for America. It stands for Vision, Assessment, and Planning and makes up the foundational considerations of Teach For America's rubric for quality teaching.
Excuse me master teacher, but I have yet to receive your VAP. Please e-mail me back so we can discuss a possible due date for all your VAP materials.
by Master Educator Mike September 22, 2007
Top Definition
A mentally challenged individual, as in a fucking retarded person

Originating in St. Martinville, LA for the students that get detention and have to sit in the special ed classes.
Daniel: Look at that freaking retard.

Curtis: Wow!! That guy is a fucking VAP!!
by Mister Kicka August 03, 2009
A trini (of the country Trinidad and Tobago) slang term which means making an impulse decision, sudden desire to do something or doing something impromptu. Usually used in adverb form.
We caught a vaps and went to see the movie.
by R45 February 19, 2006
when you heat your weed while not burning it and still releasing smoke. best used with a adjustable heat gun much like a blow conjunction with a clean glass bong where ice cubes are placed in the chamber for extra cooling.. (best resultsw when used with weed that's actualy good)
we went to j dogs house and got vaped...boy that shit sneaks up on ya... what's up with him using powertools with everything he does??:)
by stackmaster-j August 28, 2003
Vagina Gap (Vap). Is the gap between a girl's legs, particularly girls with skinny legs, most noticeable when wearing tight shorts/leggings, making the vagina semi-visible. A vap will not be seen on girls who have overly thick thighs.
Damn... that girl has such a big vap I can see her camel toe perfectly.
by Bird and Kax July 06, 2011
V = Virgin
A = And
P = Proud

= Virgin And Proud
Fred: Did you hear that Celia is a VAP?

Jim: Dude, no way!

Fred: I know - she's so hot as well!
by bellebubs September 28, 2013
leaving wherever your at, leaving a party, event, social gathering. Like you are "evaporating"
Yo guys I gotta Vap!
by Deviator444 February 02, 2010
A Violent Amount of Pussie.

AW, AC, KM, DP (you were there?)
Yo, where's my brother?

I bet he's still inside gettin hella VAP.
by Wolberg November 15, 2010
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